About Me

My name is Emily Royal, a visual artist currently living and working in central Massachusetts.

My professional career has mainly been focused on print graphic design, of which I have spent a majority of it working for local newspapers. I graduated in 2004 from Plymouth State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design. Some of my favorite subjects to learn about included film photography and darkroom, printmaking and art history.

While keeping the spirit of local journalism and aesthetically pleasing newspaper design alive in this digital age, I have gradually come out from beneath my hypothetical artistic rock, and started sharing my own artwork. In the past I became discouraged easily and had battled with imposter syndrome which led me to not sharing my art with the world. After starting to share myself with the world, my confidence has blossomed and my art has taken on new life.

In 2018 I started painting mandalas to create wall art, which I branded as “prana planks.” The wood is repurposed scrap from a local factory that would otherwise be thrown away. When I first started creating the planks, my designs were simple organic shapes. Once I started to gain some traction with them, the designs evolved into more intricate pieces. Every piece is the original art and one-of-a-kind. Motifs and patterns may be repeated from piece to piece, but the overall expression is unique.

Traditional art mediums I enjoy using are acrylic paint, pencil, and watercolor. In the past couple of years, I have also branched out into creating digital art. My drawing inspiration comes from nature, portraiture, flowers and pop culture. My digital art medium started on the Samsung Note 9 with s-pen and the Adobe Draw application. Most recently, I have upgraded to a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and Adobe Fresco and Illustrator.
An ongoing digital art series which I started in October of 2020 is titled “Curvy Babes & Fluffy Fellas.” The series is a celebration and representation of curvy bodies taking up space. It is also about normalizing being human, how we cope with our flaws and creating beauty within that space.

Aside from art, my hobbies include yoga, hiking and the outdoors, spending time with my family, reading and learning.
Quality giclée prints of all my digital art are available in an assortment of sizes in my art shop. Original art prana planks are also available for purchase in the art shop. Commissions for both are open. Please e-mail me your inquiries to: emilyroyal.art@gmail.com.